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High Rez Snobbery 303 : Unbra Indigo


Unbra is one of my favorite skin brands established since 2009. I was sad to see the brand leave the grid for a little while. But they are back with a brand new skin, the Indigo. The skin offers 10 tones. This current tone is #28. The skin package comes with 9 makeups on the skin, it offers 5 cleavage options. I have chosen to show a mix of all 5 offered. It also includes lola skin and nipples appliers (not shown).


As an additional bonus, included with the 9 makeups offered on the skin are 8 different lipsticks shades to mix and match as well as a mole layer. I have shown all the lipstick options on makeup 5 on tone 35.

Skin : Unbra “:::unBra::: Skin Indigo C28 & 35” *NEW*

Eyes : tsg “.tsg. Sleepy Honey”

Hair : Chemistry “(Chemistry Hair – Vines – Browns”

Earrings : House of London “{Cherry} K is for Kandy Bracelet & Earring Set – diamond”

Necklace : House of London “{Cherry} Fairest Necklace (onyx & scarlet shown)” @ Zodiac *NEW*

Shirt : Leezu “[LeeZu!] LuLu Blouse FATPACK (black shown)” *NEW*

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This entry was posted on March 24, 2013 by in Fashion.

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