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High Rez Snobbery

High Rez Snobbery 407 : Without me..


“But what would you be without me?
Where would you be without me?
So what you blowing up just a little
They knowing you a little
Don’t give a finger in the middle
Cause little man you will never be without me”
– Fantasia “Without Me”

On Both Models

Outfit : Meghindo’s “{Meghindo’s} ~ Slay ~ Gown ~ Dark ~”

Boots : Hucci “::HH:: Hucci Akita Leather Boots – Collection” *NEW*

On Meghindo

Skin : Meghindo’s “{Meghindo’s} ~ Silvya ~ Released ~” *NEW*

Hair : LoQ “”LoQ Hair” BerryJuice (LeftSided) FatPack”

Earrings & Necklace : 7891 On Marketplace “[7891.] AK Necklace & Earrings – Gun Metal (W\Rseize)” *NEW*

Ring : Bandit “JPB Bandit Jewelry – Armadillo diamond ring.v.9012”

Belt : Sey “:sey RJK2 belt-normal[black]”

On Mental :

Skin : Meghindo’s “{Meghindo’s} ~ Larissa ~ Released ~” *NEW*

Eyes : The Skinnery “[theSkinnery] Lovers eye collection (jade shown)”

Hair : Iconic “ICONIC Joycelyn -Mono Tones*” (Iconic Retirement sale going on throughout the store)

Necklace : SYL “SYL / Egyptian Revival Weave Necklace / FatPack” *NEW*

Belt : *coco* “*COCO*_WideBelt(Embossing)_Black”

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