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High Rez Snobbery

High Rez Snobbery 429 : Get You Some


“You know what would go great with that outfit? Some business, Get you some” – Daisy Montana Gatz

On all 3 Models

Skins : Meghindo’s (Nev – Katina, Meghindo – Shontelle , MK – Leona)

Hair : Iconic (Limited Editions Not All Available)

Clothing : Ricielli Available at Fashion Week 2013 *NEW*

On Nev

Lipstick : Pink Fuel “[PF] Glossy Pout Lipsticks”

Glasses : Ryca On Marketplace

Necklace & Ring : me “[ALL COLORS] {me.} Diva” *NEW*

Shoes : Hyperion “>>.H.C.< SHARON 1.5* with (.H.C.< Clear textures pack for SHARON" add on)" *NEW*

On Meghindo's

Earrings : Paper Couture "P.C; Cannet Chandelier Earrings – Gold"

Glasses : Benjaminz “[Benjaminz] Rich4ever Shades – Retro w/ Black-”

Shirt : Diram “** DIRAM ** CHANEL Top – Nude” *NEW*

Shoes : Faenzo On Marketplace “ELEGANZA by Steffen Garcia”

On Mental

Lipstick : Pink Acid (My personal collection)

Headpiece : Swallow “Swallow Iside Gold” Available at TDR *NEW*

Necklace : Ryca On Marketplace “Chain Herringbone-F Gold RYCA-” *NEW*


Bag : SYL “.Renegade. Flask Purse. Geo1.” *NEW*

Shoes : Happy Face “:hf: – Ch0oz // “MmKay””


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