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High Rez Snobbery 617 : Gatcha Challenge #1


So a while ago on Flickr. I saw this huge post about gatcha’s. Now I can love them or not. The interesting point I took away from the conversation was playing once and using the item received you get to make a blog post. So I decided why not? Sounds interesting lets give it a go. I decided to add no more than 2-3 items together because of the randomness of the items I wanted I did not believe it would all work well as one huge blog. Well this is my 1st attempt. I went to Oh My Gatcha and I got the ploom hair as well as the swallow bags. Both very nice. I did not get a rare at either one. I didn’t really expect to. But the ones received were not my first choice rare or otherwise. But both were priced at $100L a piece.

Skin : Pink Acid “Pink Acid Skin Jakki – Latte Color Pack ALL Apps” Available at The Manga Fair *NEW*

Eyes : tsg “.tsg. Mori Eyes – Deep Blue”

Lashes : Pink Acid “‘Pink Acid Night Out Alpha Eyelashes”

Hair : Ploom “.ploom. Inge – #8 – Colors” Available at Oh My Gatcha *NEW*

Clutch : Swallow “Swallow HandBag fashion” Available at Oh My Gatcha *NEW*

Top : The Secret Store “The Secret Store – Circus – Charcoal”

Shorts : Boom “*BOOM* Estate Shorts (sugar)”

Pose : Imeka “{Imeka~}Reika- Pose Pack”

Shoes : BubbleGum Treasure Trove “:BGTT: Candy Cavity Punk” Available at TBS *NEW*

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This entry was posted on July 6, 2014 by in Fashion.

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