Shoe I Cidal

High Rez Snobbery

High Rez Snobbery 830 : Crystal Chocolate


“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.” ― Albert Einstein

Skin : Pink Acid Custom

Lips : The Shops “THESKINSHOP (LIPSTICK) ‘Juicy’ (Warm Reds)”

Hair : Little Bones “little bones. Potion – Landslide” *NEW*

Hairbase : Gaja “Gaja x Celebribase Fatpack” *NEW*

Hat : Deadwool “[Deadwool] Fedora – grey”

Glasses : Haysuriza “HAYSURIZA_Crystal series of glasses 1.1” *NEW*


Top : Chronokit “*chronokit* Long T Shirts 02” *NEW*

Jeans : Emery “Emery Kerr Jeans Original” Available at Uber *NEW*

Shoes : ChicChica “:::ChicChica::: Carmen Fatpack” Available at The Cosmopolitan Room *NEW*

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This entry was posted on August 3, 2015 by in Fashion.

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