Shoe I Cidal

High Rez Snobbery

High Rez Snobbery 1049 : Graffiti Deviant


“To be CREATIVE, you have to be CRAZY, not because you’re CRAZY or want others to become CRAZY, but because you must be CRAZY, before others become CRAZY for you.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

Mesh Head Applier : Modish “::Modish:: Bianca [Catwa] skins & lips” *NEW*

Mesh Head : Catwa “EXCLUSIVE CATWA HEAD Amelie”

Eyes : Catwa “CATWA Mesh Eyes Pack” *NEW*

Hair : No Match “no.match_ ~ NO_DESTINATION ~ all COLORS” Available at Haus Of Swag 2016 *NEW*

Necklace : PurpleMoon “:: PM :: Saffron Necklace -gold-” Available at Haus Of Swag 2016 *NEW*

Top, Gloves : RealEvil Industries “**RE** Era Gacha” Available at Epiphany *NEW*

Pants : RealEvil Industries “**RE** Alice Leather Pants” Available at Shiny Shabby *NEW*

Shoes : Thalia Heckroth “-Thalia Heckroth- Aida Boots” *NEW*

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